My Journey So Far At Ubiquity…

After searching endlessly for an integrated marketing agency who deliver work for range industries and would offer me an all-rounded work experience, Ubiquity stood out to me and ticked all the boxes.

Welsh-First Approach

As a Cardiff-based agency, with a large number of Welsh clients, Ubiquity often take Welsh-first approach when delivering work. This has taken a bit of getting used to because I don’t speak Welsh myself.

I’ve dipped into a few of the different services that Ubiquity has to offer including; Digital, Creative, PR and supporting the handling of a couple of clients.

I have grasped learning opportunities as they arise, be it networking, pitching, training and many more.

To name a few…

I feel very privileged to have been able to observe a pitch delivered to a client in Bristol. Prior to this, I clued myself up on the brand and their tender requirements, as well as overall market research for background information. Steph, my colleague, delivered the pitch gracefully with such professionalism, ensuring she explained each aspect of the campaign schedule put together and answered all questions thrown her way.

One of my favourite experiences so far was being invited to a photoshoot for a client. I got really stuck in with it! I was even able to give some creative direction to the photographer, giving my input was great for my own learning and I felt very inspired.

Molly Photoshoot

So, what next?

I feel very lucky to have been given the opportunity to work for Ubiquity. This has been a fast-paced, upbeat experience with a steep learning curve, which in essence is the nature of an agency. Having experienced and learnt so much already, I’m looking forward to continuing this crazy venture. I’m eager to get stuck in with project managing and growing relationships with clients.