National Fostering Agency Partner Websites

Ubiquity have worked with the National Fostering Agency for a number of years to deliver powerful marketing communications.

During 2017, Ubiquity were tasked with developing a website template theme that could be used across their 8 partner websites.
Each website theme developed had the same structure but different colours and fonts were used to keep them in line with the individual identity and branding of each of the partner agencies. The websites were built and designed with a key objective in mind; promoting accessible information and advice on becoming a foster carer and offering support to people who are currently a foster carer.

The websites were all built on WordPress with the Bootstrap responsive framework which ensured all the websites were responsive across all devices. The majority of the websites were built with a member-only login area where foster carers can download helpful information packs. The area is accessed via a login page and complies with data protection laws.

All of the websites have two contact forms; One main contact form on the contact us page and one permanent contact form in the footer which both include the GDPR compliant double opt-in process.