Six Golden Rules: Writing a News Release

  1. Lead with the news
    Begin with the most newsworthy aspect of your story and leave non-important details till later.
  2. Give the Story to the readers
    Make the readers the focus of your story, not the organisation/client
  3. Avoid Promotion
    A good release should sound as though it has been written by an objective reporter, not an advertising copywriter.
  4. Write FOR the audience, not TO the audience
    Effective releases provide information to the reader but not instructions or directions. Write it in third person, never address the reader directly as ‘you’
  5. Express opinion only in quotes
    A news release should be balanced and objective and should never express the writer’s views. Any opinions or speculation should be attributed to a person or organisation, usually by means of a quote and using quotation marks.
  6. Use passive voice when appropriate
    Although it is usually better to write using the active voice, in the news intro it may be better to use the passive voice so you emphasise the news rather than the newsmakers.