Somerset Garden Day

Success Story

We developed a fully integrated campaign to drive awareness of Somerset Garden Day and encourage people to spend quality time celebrating their gardening efforts, with family and friends.


increase in social following


radio impacts


press reach
Their Story
Somerset Garden Day is an annual celebration that takes place every May, with a simple ambition: to encourage people across Somerset to spend quality time celebrating their gardens.

Goal – Drive Awareness

The main objective was to drive awareness of Somerset Garden Day.
The Solution
We built and delivered a fully integrated marketing campaign, comprised of a number of key outputs:   Organic Social Media Content: Constructed using five key topics such as gardening tips, we delivered an organic social media content plan for Somerset Garden Day to encourage online conversation and awareness. Paid Social Media Advertising: Using a mixture of Facebook and Instagram advertising we raised awareness and engaged the target audience using professional photography of local, influential brand ambassadors and people’s Garden Day celebrations. Programmatic Advertising: We ran geographical targeted display advertising across the Google display network. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): We ran a courtesy SEO set-up for Somerset Garden Day to ensure that people seeing the website through a search engine would be inclined to click through to the website. Media: We ran a combination of print advertising and press inserts across local magazines and newspapers in the run up to Garden Day. Print Fulfilment: Mass print of marketing literature including posters, press inserts, corex boards for events and flyers which were distributed to publications or client locations. Stakeholder Engagement: Visiting local garden centres, public gardens and florists to promote Garden Day and gain their support in promoting the day. Events: We provided promotional support at a number of events across Somerset in the run up to Garden Day. Hosting free flower crown workshops with aim to raise awareness of Somerset Garden Day and encourage people to take part in the competition. Radio: Two-week campaign with commercial airtime, combines with regional display adverts on the Radio’s website.
Our relationship with Somerset Garden Day has blossomed and as a result of the activity we have helped them to raise awareness and encourage more members of the public to celebrate this year’s Somerset Garden Day. This is evident in the spike in online engagement and use of the branded hashtag #GardenDay which received 511,695 impressions on Somerset Garden Day alone.   The campaign achieved:  
  • 201% increase in social following over 2 months
  • 342,000 radio impacts over 2 weeks
  • 309,467 press reach