Travelling Around North America

Design is all around us, in what we see, what we buy, living and breathing in everything we do. The opportunity to explore what is beyond the 27 inches of an iMAC screen was one I wasn’t going to turn down.

From Philly cheese steaks to the Canadian wilderness, I would embark on a journey that would entail 7 cities, across 2 countries; some of the world’s finest art, biggest stadiums and beautiful vast landscapes, armed with only a backpack and camera.

Print deadlines turned to train times, visual research became city exploring and clients became the people and friends I made along the way. Philadelphia, New York, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Vancouver and Seattle; each provided a very different culture and the many stories along the way, I’m sure to never forget.

As I’ve returned to agency life I bring back a sense of maturity and inspiration, ready to take on a new set of everyday challenges. keep creating, forever exploring.

(Thankfully I left the accent in Canada, eh?)

Sean Driscoll, Graphic Designer at Ubiquity.