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4 Ways to Seal A Business Deal


The tips we’re about to share will change the way you network forever, so pay attention.
And before you knock our tips, we’ll let it be known that we’ve been a fast growth 50 company for the last two years, so take that!

So without further ado, here they are. Our four best ways to seal a business deal.

The Handshake

The classic ‘let’s do business’ move. If you want to seal a deal, always have a good handshake in your locker.

A firm handshake says ‘you can trust me, let’s do business’, but a limp or sweaty handshake will simply say ‘don’t do it, this person cannot be trusted’.

Here are our tips for a good handshake:

  1. Be firm, but not too firm. As a benchmark, if you find yourself breaking people’s hands during a handshake, you’re holding too firmly.
  2. Don’t let sweaty palms stop you. If you feel yourself getting a sweaty hand, rather than go in on a soggy handshake and ruin all your hard effort securing a deal, take a moment to casually wipe your palms on your trouser leg. This simple tactic will turn any damp handshake into a winning one.
  3. Don’t be too flash. There are many variations of a handshake but keep yours simple. You want to seal a deal, not bamboozle your client. Save a flashy handshake for your best mate.

The FIFA Way

‘What’s the FIFA way?’ we hear you ask, let us explain.

The FIFA way involves sending any potential clients you may have some lavish goods, we’re talking Rolex watches, tickets to expensive sporting events, meals out or anything else they might want.

By ‘warming up’ your clients, you’ll have a much better chance of winning some new business with them.

You might be reading this thinking it sounds very much like a bribe, but don’t worry. We spoke to a few confidential sources at FIFA before writing this blog and they’ve assured us that it’s absolutely fine to do, they all do it there!

If you want proof as to how effective the FIFA way is at generating new business, well how about this for a stat:

“The 2011-2014 financial period, which incorporated the World Cup in Brazil, saw FIFA pull in $5.72bn in revenues and record a profit of $338m.”The Independent

Now that’s a successful client building approach!

*Disclaimer – As a legitimate business, we’ve never used the FIFA way approach to generate new business, we love shaking hands too much. That being said, if you have a shady moral compass and a complete disregard for bad PR, this could be the perfect approach for you!

A Blood Pact

“Ok, so as part of our retainer with you we’ll carry out your SEO, PPC and also manage your social media. Let me just get my knife so we can finalise the deal.”

A blood pact is a brilliant way to secure business. Nothing says ‘we’re in it together’ like cutting your hands and shaking on an agreement (refer back to handshake tips for best practices).

Sure it’s not medically advised, but what is a solid business relationship without trust?

Find Similarities

“Oh your favourite animal is a goldfish? So is mine, what a coincidence!”

Nothing will make you more likable to a potential client than having similar ground with them, and if they like you, you’re one step closer to sealing the deal.

Now that you know that, find some common ground with your client. If you can’t find it, lie about what you like and be sure to agree with everything they say.

Here are some simple questions you can use to delve a little deeper into the mind of your prospective client:

  • “Before we move on to discussing our retainer fee, I must know, what is your favourite colour?”
  • “Hey, I forgot to ask you when we first met at that networking event, but what is your favourite sports team?”
  • “Oh geez, would you look at the weather outside. It’s pouring with rain, I much prefer the sunshine, how about you?”

*The last example is only applicable if it actually rains, you will look strange using that example if it is indeed sunny. Feel free to play around with the format.


There you have it. Four excellent ways to strike a deal with a new client in 2018. Feel free to share them with your friends and family and any social media followers you may have!

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