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Blas y Tir


The mission was a fact find – why are the potatoes produced in the lovely Pembrokeshire countryside so tasty?

Hosted by Megan from Blas y Tir, I was given a tour of the packaging facility, packing sheds and storage facilities. As most of the storage is cooled, the potatoes live in giant fridges – the tour into the large refrigerated units was a welcome break from the heat.



The treatment of the produce is paramount to the quality of the produce from Blas y Tir. The whole production plant feels family run and quality produce is certainly at the heart of all that takes place at Puffin.

The unique climate, coastal soil and treatment of the potatoes combine to give Pembrokeshire Earlies their distinctive character and flavour.

The overwhelming impression of Puffin Produce was that of a family; the day that I visited, the company had arranged for all of the staff to enjoy an ice-cream from a specially organised Ice Cream van – what a fabulous idea!

So am I converted to Blas y Tir potatoes?

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