5 Reasons you need to start using Social Media Management tools

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Social Media is one of the most prominent marketing channels for any organisation in todays day and age. From promoting new products, engaging with customers and sharing behind the scenes content, it’s undoubtedly changed consumers purchasing behaviours. Hours could be spent finessing filters for Instagram posts, hashtags for Twitter, and memes for Facebook. So how do we manage these integral channels effectively?

The answer is to invest in social media management programmes that will help simplify executing multi-channel social media campaigns. Carry on reading to discover why social media management tools are worth considering…


Manage all your social media channels in one place

The average organisation will have around 4-5 social media channels. Managing numerous accounts can become very complicated, particularly if you are managing more than one brand. Multiple logins and userfaces further adds to the issue. Having a social media management tool consolidates all these channels into one platform, with one login and is packed full of hacks and tips to help produce exciting multi-channel social media campaigns.

So many channels, so little time

Posting to multiple platforms numerous times a day can be deceivingly time consuming. Using a social media management tool condenses the posting process by removing the need to switch between platforms. You can draft content in one place and ensure that the right message is being delivered to the right people at the right time.

Manage your customer relationships

Social media has kindly made it extremely easy for customers to reach out to brands they want to engage with. What’s more is that 42% of customers who reach out to brands via social media expect a reply in under 60 minutes. Having a social media management tool will allow you to track all your communications in one place, see all unanswered queries across numerous channels, and identifying any negative comments that can quickly be removed or responded to, to avoid damaging brand perception.

Measure your ROI and track performance

Tracking your post engagement is a crucial element of growing your social media following. From quickly replying to comments, to seeing what posts perform best, it will allow you to refine and enhance your strategy moving forward. The analytic reports that these tools can produce will further help justify your investment in social media marketing. You’ll be able to measure engagement levels including click through rates, reactions, shares and comments to gage how well content is performing in line with overall business objectives.

Monitor your competitors

Being aware of your competitors and their current activity is essential to your organisation’s success. You can track competitor’s social media handles, brand terms and key phrases to collate information and keep a close eye on their latest products and campaigns to make sure your always one step ahead of their game.

So, what social media tools are out there?

There are numerous social media management tools that specialise in different areas depending on what you are specifically looking to achieve. Some of the social media we love and use on a day to day basis include…


Sprout Social




If you want to save time, grow your following and manage your social media campaigns effectively, we highly recommend you invest in a social media management tool. Need a helping hand? Feel free to contact the Ubiquity Digital team on 02922409700.