Fresher’s Tips: 10 tips to survive your first year of university

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With many members of the Ubiquity team having graduated from uni in the last 6 years, we have a lotttt of collective experience of university life. So, we’ve put our heads together to generate 10 top #FreshersTips for those of you starting university this year…


  1. Shop at Aldi or Lidl. £30 a week on shopping with Tesco Express or Sainsbury is a luxury you soon won’t be able to afford so be savvy from the outset.
  2. Pay all rent and other bills FIRST before you spend the rest of your money. Nothing worse than too much month left at the end of money.
  3. 9am is not that bad if you go to bed early. (Honestly, you’ve done it for the last 15 years for school.)
  4. Ask questions during lectures but if you’re too afraid just make sure you ask them during seminars/workshops or tutorials. Don’t be afraid of being ‘“that person”, you will not be the only one who’s confused. You’re paying thousands of pounds for this education – don’t leave before you understand the topic!
  5. Socialise and find your kind of people, don’t feel obliged to stick with the “friend” you met in the first five minutes.
  6. DO make friends with people in your classes – you’ll need them when it’s 3am and you’re stuck with your essay or have a question about Harvard referencing.
  7. Offer your friends with Freshers Flu your condolences then STAY AWAY FROM THEM..ain’t nobody got time for that.
  8. Do the work straight after the lecture/seminar, otherwise, you may as well write it off. No one is checking up on you or is going to scold you if you don’t do it, but if you don’t there’s not a lot of point being there. (Harsh, we know, but we’ve been there and have the 30k debt to prove it.)
  9. Be a team player. Whether you’re living with friends or not it’s important to lend a hand with household chores. Basic things like washing up after you’ve eaten (or better still as you go along!), general cleaning and keeping things tidy help keep the peace.
  10. Do remember to actually go to uni. Have a great time and don’t stress too much in your first year!