June Campaigns We’ve Loved

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June was the month we finally got Love Island back in our lives –YAAAAAS!

Below are a few of our fave campaigns we’ve loved over the past month…


Seat Lost&Sound

Seat and experiential innovation agency Wildbytes, in collaboration with Google, have created an essential app for festival-goers. The app allows people to locate their friends using augmented reality.

To find their friends, people need to open the app and scan the festival space with their camera. Once all friends have downloaded the app, the icon for the friend they want to find will appear on the screen and show their position within the crowd and distance from the user. You can send out a signal to let your pals know where you are and also request friends to share their location.



Sharing is caring

*Cute advert alert*

Sharing Is Caring tells us the story of an old man who is somewhat grumpy and his chirpy young carer. The carer buys the old man an Alexa as a way of helping him out but initially he isn’t interested. But when he recognises the carers kind gesture, he is more open to the idea and starts having fun with Alexa.

This is a nice little heartwarming one.



Ikea’s Real Life Series

Ikea has recreated three iconic TV living room sets to try and capture the cultural imaginations of consumers in the UAE.

Ikea worked with Publicis Spain to create a set of three displays, modelled on living rooms of cult classics ‘The Simpsons,’ ‘Friends’ and ‘Stranger Things’. The print ads have actual furniture from Ikea shops, which was modelled and edited using 3D software for a hyper-realistic aesthetic.

The ads show how you can buy Monica Geller’s coffee table – or ‘Lack’ – for just $95, or a set of Joyce Byers’s candles – ‘Fenomen’ – for $29.

The ‘For Real Families’ initiative aims to highlight the diversity of Ikea’s products among the UAE’s diverse expat population by familiarising its catalogue with already familiar settings.



Clicks and Mortar

Amazon is opening up 10 pop up shops up and down the UK – Clicks and Mortar’. The stores will offer everything from food and drink, to cosmetics to electricals and homeware with the first store having already opened in Manchester.

The idea of these pop-ups is to help 100 small online-only businesses to gain footfall on UK highstreets, boost economy and create jobs.

This is at a time where every week we are seeing another business having to close stores due to a reduction in offline shoppers.




Tying in with Stop Cyberbullying Day, Simple Skincare have teamed up with Little Mix in their new campaign.

We know that cyberbullying is an ongoing issue with nearly one in three teens experiencing it. With Little Mix, Simple are standing up for those people affecting by promoting a kinder environment across social media. The film created shows the band tackling a wall of hate which is covered with insults before they ‘wipe away’ the messages and creating a kinder wall of messages. The film ends with a message to ‘Choose Kindness’, that links to Simple’s new refreshed brand positioning: Kind to Skin, Planet and People.

Little Mix have also shared their own personal stories across social media, in these they discuss how they dealt with the trolls and tips on how to improve the social media environment.