New Year, New Agency Goals…

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As we say hello to the new decade, we also say hello to our new agency goals. To make sure we start 2020 with a bang, we asked all of our team members to think of a new agency goal they would like to achieve.

All goals were shared during our first Monday morning meeting of the year and we have managed to narrow it down to the final 10!


1) Become a greener agency & cut down our carbon footprint.

We have already taken some big steps to become a greener agency over the years, from reducing our energy usage to an ethical themed Secret Santa. This year we have some exciting partners in the pipeline that we can’t wait to work with to help us achieve our green goals for 2020.

2) Build on our existing relationships with clients.

We love catching up clients and will continue to deliver campaigns that go above and beyond their expectations.

3) More Ubiquity socials.

More socials, more fun, more beers! A monthly social outing will be planned, starting with Escape Rooms.

4) Kick start Ubiquity’s Workshops

On January the 14th we will be hosting our first networking event ‘The Marketing Digest’ discussing hot topics such as ‘Is print really going the way of the dodo?’ and ‘Must we disrupt to engage?’ Click here to grab your free tickets! (

5) Drink less coffee and more green tea

Because green tea is good for the soul.

6) Continue to explore new and exciting media’s

The creative team are always on the lookout for the latest creative industry trends they can learn about and share with clients!

7) Increase our networking circles

During 2019 we welcomed new clients from all corners of the UK. We hope to continue building our relationships and networking circles across the country!

8) Work within new sectors and industry’s

Working within new sectors can present new experiences and is something that excites the whole agency!

9) Decorate the office with more exotic plants

Having moved to a larger office in 2019, this year we want to enhance its aesthetics with some exotic plants. Ensuing the ultimate aesthetic backdrop for Instagram and creating a nicer working environment for our staff.

10) Give back

We want to take part in more charity events that will help benefit the local Cardiff community. Got an initiative you think we could help with? Let us know!