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Business Wales

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Business Wales is a free business service that provides impartial, independent support and advice to people starting, running and growing a business in Wales.

With regional centres across Wales, they offer a mixture of online and face-to-face support, as well as training workshops and individual advice.


After working with many different agencies, Business Wales were looking for a long-term marketing partner to ensure brand consistency and maximum results.

As the service covers five levels of business support, they wanted to raise awareness of the Business Wales brand by uncovering and developing more accurate personas for their different target audiences.


When devising our strategy, we interviewed people who had previously used the service, as well as people who hadn’t, to see what trends/themes we could uncover which would then help shape our marketing strategy going forward.

As added value, this market research was carried out free of charge.


So far, we have achieved a 9% uplift in enquiries from both the website & helpline.

We are continuously learning and identifying key insights that help shape the strategy and creative development in real-time, ensuring that activity can be tailored to their target market.


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