A Stroke of Luck

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A Stroke of Luck.

Founded in 2019 by Craig Pankhurst, A Stroke of Luck is a UK charity built to provide stroke survivors with the opportunity to access fitness professionals to aid their recovery and rehabilitation.


Client: A Stroke of Luck

Disciplines: Account Management, UX & UI Design, Animation, Asset Creation, Web Development, SEO, PPC Campaign, Organic Social, Web Maintenance, Web Hosting



We were tasked with designing and developing a website for the charity that serves the three key target audiences; stroke survivors, personal trainers and supporters. Consequently, the UX of website was crucial – it needed to inform all three audiences and make it easy for survivors and trainers to connect, whilst also giving the opportunity for supporters to donate. To support the website launch, we were also tasked with developing a comprehensive digital campaign to drive traffic and increase brand awareness.


We started by mapping out the required functionality for the website and the best information architecture to use. It is vital for the charity to reach its vital goals, that it’s simple for people to support the charity whether that’s it via donations, fundraising events or something else. We developed a visual hierarchy that favoured a clear call-to-action to the donate page, ensuring it was prominent throughout the website. Alongside this we used clear, concise messaging and helpful points and tips. For organic social, we created a content plan and messaging matrix to establish how best to communicate with the target markets across social channels and generated impactful animations and videos to attract their attention. We also developed a paid digital strategy to be implemented later in 2020.


The website is now live, and in its first phase in which stroke survivors, personal trainers and supporters can show an interest via a sign-up form where their data will be held ready for the phase two website launch (later in 2019). In the phase two launch of the website, stroke survivors will be matched to personal trainers in their local area to help aid their recovery. Within four days of launch, social media following increased organically from 0 at page set up to over 600 users. We’re excited to see how the digital campaign evolves over the next 6 months.