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Cardiff University.

The Clearing process is often a second chance for those who have not received any offers, and for those who have not accepted any offers, to secure a place at University.

Clearing is an important part of any University’s student recruitment strategy, so it’s of high priority to ensure they are front of mind for applicants.


Client: Cardiff University

Disciplines: Account Management, Asset Creation, Paid Social Campaigns, Media Buying & Planning



We were asked to design and develop a clearing campaign for selected schools within Cardiff University, including Chemistry, Computer Science & Informatics, Earth & Ocean Sciences, Physics & Astronomy, Maths and Engineering.

We were also tasked with editing a film and reformatting it to be used across social media as a lead generation tool.


Over the course of the campaign, we used Facebook, Instagram and YouTube to generate awareness of the clearing options available from each school.

Two weeks before results day, we focused more of the budget on to the PPC click-to-call adverts to help drive as many people as possible to call the clearing helpline.


The Facebook & Instagram activity received nearly 2 million impressions, with nearly 5000 people watching our Facebook video to its entirety.

We found that the influencers drove the largest number of clicks (25%).

Despite it being an extremely competitive climate and using minimal budget, our PPC strategy achieved an average position of second across the Google Network.