Pet Protect

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Pet Protect Customer Management Area.

Pet Protect are a specialist insurance company for dogs and cats, offering a high range of policies. It’s essential for the company to offer customers the best online presence and customer service as possible. This needs to be achieved through creating an excellent user experience, visually rich and engaging website.


Client: Pet Protect

Disciplines: Account Management, UX & UI Design, UX Testing, Web Development



Pet Protect required an area within the website that customers could fill out a number of online forms against a current policy they hold.


A number of customer management forms have been created to enable customers to update policy information such as payment data, contact details etc.
These forms are then fed through to a customer service representative and the customer also receives an auto respond email to assure them their request is being dealt with. All the forms on the website are fully GDPR compliant utilising an acceptance checkbox.


The development of the customer management area has meant the number of telephone enquires being received has dropped, leaving customer service representatives with more time.