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Pet Protect Sales Funnel.

Pet Protect are a specialist insurance company for dogs and cats, working with third party company Aquarium for the retrieval of insurance quotes. It’s essential for Pet Protect to offer customers a seamless end to end journey, right from filling out a quote to receiving the insurance quote back.


Client: Pet Protect

Disciplines: Account Management, Web Development, Cross Platform Testing



As Pet Protect are also listed across multiple aggregator websites such as tracking of these sales / quote retrievals needed to be setup.

Within the sales funnel of Pet Protect a live chat function was also required to enable customers to interact with a customer services representative.


Setting up the aggregator tracking required Ubiquity to work alongside the aggregators to add tracking tags to the website in order for the journeys across the platforms to be fully mapped. This data again had to be passed via an API back to Aquarium to ensure validity and accuracy.

In order to setup the live chat functionality the code utilised on the main website needed to be added within the header file within the sales funnel and tested through to ensure there were no issues.


The integration with Aquarium has ensured there is no loss of customer data and customers can be re-targeted from the Aquarium Customer Relationship Management (CRM) it also means all payment data is handled on the Aquarium system for optimum security.
The use of aggregator tracking has enabled much more reliable statistics to be reported at the end of every month.