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Proteinium produce healthy, high protein, no carb snacks, without the expense of great taste. The Proteinium Pork Crunch range has a staggering 72% natural protein, compared with the average Jerky product which contains between 35-40%. Proteinums aim? To be the go-to tasty, protein snack.


Client: Proteinium

Disciplines: Account Management, UX & UI Design, Web Development, Web Hosting, Courtesy SEO



We were approached by Proteinium who asked us to design and develop a simple business website, which encompassed the existing brand, told the Proteinium story and encouraged potential trade enquires.


We developed a visually rich striking design which adhered to existing brand guidelines whilst striking a modern, fresh look to entice consumers to learn more about the product and commit to buying it. It was identified that scientific stats were the key motivator for Proteinium customers, we made sure this was the focus of the design and messaging.


The final website showcases stats and images to detail how naturally rich Proteinium is against its competitors on the market. The visual hierarchy of the website favours calls-to-actions in order to encourage consumers to buy the product. The website does not have e-commerce functionality, but the site has been built so this can be added on at a later stage.