Swansea City FC

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Swansea City FC.

Swansea City Football Club have been flying the Welsh flag in the Premier League for the past 7 years which in turn, has led their fan base to grow year on year.

After their most recent defeat which led them to relegation, their marketing strategy is now focused on maintaining their fan loyalty and increasing the sales of their merchandise.


Client: Swansea City FC

Disciplines: Account Management, Asset Creation, Social Media Campaign



We have been working with Swansea City for over 2 years to help promote their kit sales worldwide.


We have run several integrated campaigns promoting the football merchandise across the UK & North America where we identified a strong club following.


Our most recent campaign achieved a ROI rate of 3332.5%, generating over 35K of sales.

“From start to finish, the level of service we received was second to none. The engagement we received on Social Media was on another level to what we have experienced before and this was reflected in the amount of sales we received online throughout the campaign.”

– Sarah Fletcher, Digital Marketing Manager, SCAFC.