The National Centre for Learning Welsh

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The National Centre For Learning Welsh.

Commissioned by the Welsh Government, The National Centre for Learning Welsh is responsible for planning and monitoring all aspects of the ‘Welsh for Adults’ education programme.


Client: The National Centre for Learning Welsh

Disciplines: Account Management, Design, Conversion Campaign, Workshop



In 2019, Ubiquity were tasked with helping to promote the new ‘Work Welsh’ online courses, designed to help businesses in Wales provide Welsh language training for their workforce.

There are ten courses available in total, each targeting different sectors such as retail, health and tourism. The objective was to encourage 1500 course registrations in the month-long campaign.


Following in-depth audience research and analysis, we developed a targeted, conversion-led social media campaign on Facebook and Instagram equipped with eye-catching video animations to promote the courses. Alongside the conversion campaign, to capture awareness we ran a TrueView campaign on YouTube, targeting those interested in learning new languages.

When the campaigns were complete, to support the 15 course providers employed by The National Centre for Learning Welsh, we hosted a best-practice social media workshop.


The campaign was a huge success, generating over 2,937 course registrations – 95% above target. Ubiquity took an adaptive and reactive approach to the campaign activity and by continually optimising and refining our approach we were able to ensure quality results.

Facebook proved to be a strong conversion and engagement driver, whilst YouTube generated good levels of brand awareness. With an exceptionally high conversion rate and strong conversion numbers, we were able to demonstrate a clear return on investment for the Centre.