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Wrexham Glyndwr University – Learn Local Campaign.

Wrexham Glyndwr University wanted to run a campaign that was tailored to their local audience.


Client: Wrexham Glyndwr University

Disciplines: Radio, Out Of Home Media, Digital & Creative



With the ongoing covid-19 pandemic, we had seen a shift in more students choosing to study closer to home than ever before and this change inspired the development of the ‘Learn Local’ campaign. In a time of lockdowns and restricted travel, WGU wanted to raise awareness about the high quality teaching and range of courses that are available to local students, right on their doorstep!

Learn Local is a campaign that will address both young and mature students, but primarily demonstrate to those living in Wrexham and Flintshire what the University can offer them.



We wanted to run a multi-channel campaign to ensure brand awareness in key local destinations, as well as targeted activity online.


To increase local recruits, the University wanted to change people’s perception about who can and can’t access higher education, especially in local areas. Championing the University’s ethos around ‘education for all’ empowering and building confidence in people who might not normally consider university as an option. With this in mind we set our online age and job targeting broader than usual, and focused more on geo targeting to achieve the ‘local’ aim of the campaign. We geotargeted local residents across social media and Google Display Network with inspiring, eye-catching creatives. We also used ads on LinkedIn to target anyone who might be looking for work and considering upskilling in light of the pandemic.


We ran a 4 week campaign across local radio (Heart & Capital), creating an advert with that was ‘down to earth’ and used a local accent to ensure locals would resonate. We re-licensed the advert for use on Spotify to give a digital, measurable element to run alongside the radio.


We chose strategic locations for a series of illuminated roadside 6 sheets across Wrexham and Flintshire, we advised on locations with the most ‘eyes-on’ in light of lockdowns, and aligned the delivery of these sites with Digital, to measure for an increase in engagement and actions completed online.


Campaigns are monitored regularly and we offer advice to the client at weekly meetings, where decisions on optimisations can be made together.


On assessment, LinkedIn was not performing as well as social media channels like Facebook, and therefore the decision was made to reallocate spend. Targeting was successful and however, we found that responsive ads were gaining more traction and therefore we increased these to improve performance further. The campaign achieved over target in terms of impressions and clicks, as well as achieving 2% over its target goals.


Once the campign had achieved brand awareness on local radio, our recommendations were to run the next burst of audio through our digital platform: UBQ’D, allowing the client to have a presence on DAX, Octave and Spotify and be able to target a more niche, very local audience (avoiding any potential wastage occurred on radio). Our recommendations were also based on the rise in digital radio as more people than ever were working from home. We aligned this second wave of audio activity with both the Digital and OOH elements, to deliver a larger impact over the same two weeks. We found there to be an increase in digital activity over these weeks.


We optimised the campaign by choosing new locations to re-book and this included supermarkets which have had increased eyes-on during lockdown, but also during the school holidays. The campaign achieved 2 weeks overshow as an added bonus.


We worked closely with internal teams to develop eye catching creatives that are running on a variety of media, to capture a variety of our audience in an impactful way.

Listen to the radio advert below: