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Douglas Willis

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Family owned business passionate and devoted to producing excellent meat for its customers. Douglas Willis believe in the quality of life for livestock and that is why they care for them in excellent conditions in the Usk Valley.


Tasked with designing and developing an e-commerce website. The website needed to be modern, immersive and dynamic whilst having an excellent User Experience (UX). It was key that users of the website could access the areas they needed in as few clicks as possible whilst making the e-commerce process as secure and quick as possible.


The process began by establishing the requirements of the website and how these could be achieved. We went through a simple streamlined process of wireframing, User Interface (UI) design, HTML build which all led to full integration with the Content Management System (CMS) WordPress. The built website utilises Bootstrap as the responsive CSS framework, WordPress as the CMS and WooCommerce as the software component for the e-commerce experience.


The website went live in July of this year and so far has gained significant traction. We now have an ongoing Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) retainer in place to grow the organic listings of the website through Google and gain more sales.

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Web Design & Build/SEO