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The rise of Instagram


Online shopping has been a dominating trend for a while now, and it is on our radar that Instagram will be introducing more shopping features, for all the window-shoppers out there.

Shopping tags could be making a showcase on Instagram, which will mean that brands can discreetly promote themselves and include information and price tags on their own posts and also their consumers’ posts. The tagged information will be available once the picture is tapped on.

“Instagram is where we portray the interesting life of the Kate Spade New York girl through relatable social moments which highlight the products that are characters in her story. This post features our favourite new bag and elements from our new personalisation programme that, together, make the bag uniquely hers. With this seamless shopping experience launching on Instagram, the possibilities for selling our products are endless”.

Mary Beech, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Kate Spade & Company

Another futuristic shopping feature is the use of Visual Search. This is a form of image recognition (AI), which can highlight specific objects or qualities from a photo. This is next level product placement.

Instagram Stories

Ever since Snapchat introduced the feature called ‘stories’, other social media platforms including Instagram, quickly clocked on to the fast-growing phenomenon. Instagram has already developed their stories feature with geo-tag location, video and photo masks and also live-streaming… Now they’re looking to create ‘World Lenses’. World lenses has already been introduced to Snapchat, and has proven very popular, Instagram want to adopt the idea and make it their own.


Why only have a single photo, when you can have the whole picture. Go-pros and selfie-sticks have given people the ability to video their surroundings, so it just makes sense for Instagram to have a 360-interactive feature.

Sports and fitness brands can really take this into account and consider creating content which can be promoted on this Instagram 360 feature.


With the growing popularity of ‘Snap maps’, Instagram are looking to bring this feature too. This can be really beneficial for businesses as they can pinpoint their own location on the map – and they can see where their followers are swarming to.

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